A top footballer has sparked an online frenzy with this #UFO sighting - What is ...

A UFO sighting caught on camera by a top footballer has sparked a conspiracy meltdown on Twitter.

PUBLISHED: 15:10, Thu, Mar 26, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:25, Thu, Mar 26, 2020

The UFO video prompted bizarre claims of alien visitors and "extraterrestrials from Proxima Centauri". Simon Church, 31, the former striker for Plymouth Argyle, shared the video with his 23,000 Twitter followers in search of answers.


He tweeted: "Just seen the craziest thing whilst having a look at Venus tonight.

"It was way too high to be a drone and then just disappeared #ufo #ufosighting #crazy #whatdoyouthink"

In a follow-up tweet, he said: "It was moving quickly then just disappeared surely can't be going mad after day two of isolation..."

The shaky video features a blob-like unidentified flying object that vanishes from sight towards the end.

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UFO sighting: Blob of light UFO at nightUFO sighting: A top footballer filmed a bizarre blob of light in the night skies (Image: GETTY/SIMON CHURCH)

UFO sighting: Tweets about UFO sightingUFO sighting: The footballer's video caused a stir online (Image: TWITTER)

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Mr Church said he caught the object on camera at about 8.30pm on March 24 and it was "moving sharpish".

One person who saw the video replied: "That's the real deal. Congratulations amazing capture."

Another person said: "He'd like to come and meet us, but he's scared he'll blow our minds."

A third Twitter user said: "First wave of extraterrestrial from Proxima Centauri checking if we are down yet - but will never take Wales."

In a bid to explain the UFO, some have suggested it was a Chinese lantern or a drone.

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However, the prevailing theory is the footballer chanced upon the International Space Station (ISS) during an

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