Vincent Hubbard set to return as actor drops cryptic clue #EastEnders

Vincent Hubbard (played by Richard Blackwood) was last seen in EastEnders in 2018 and fans are still not sure as to whether the bad-boy-turned good is still alive after seemingly meeting an untimely end after crossing Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). However, the actor has finally put the rumours of a return to bed and given fans an idea of when if ever he’ll return. 

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Not much was known about Vincent when he arrived in Walford and his exit was just as mysterious. 

The bad boy found himself caught up in a New Year heist two years ago but decided he wanted to do the right thing and give information to the police.

However, after exchanging information on the criminal who organised the heist, his plans were exposed when it was revealed the police officer he’d spoken to was corrupt. 

The officer was in cahoots with the villain and informed the criminal of Vincent’s betrayal.

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EastEnders spoilersEastEnders spoilers: Will Vincent return? (Image: BBC)

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EastEnders viewers last saw Vincent being driven away from Walford after being bundled into a car.

Just as the infamous theme tune played, the bad-boy-turned-good was seen with a gun pointed at his head.

It’s never been confirmed whether Vincent was killed or escaped, meaning the door has been left open for his return.

However, now the actor has joined Hollyoaks, Richard’s return looks less likely. 

EastEnders spoilersEastEnders spoilers: Vincent's exit seemed final (Image: BBC)

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When asked how he feels about his EastEnders exit and whether he would return, Richard

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