Mark Labbett exposes secret code between #BeattheChasers stars of ITV quiz show

Mark, 54, was once again joined by The Sinnerman Paul Sinha, 49, The Governess Anne Hegerty, 61, The Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace, 59, and The Vixen Jenny Ryan, 38, for another edition of ITV quiz show, Beat the Chasers. The Chase host Bradley Walsh, 59, was on hand to oversee proceedings as a number of members of the studio audience had their chance to try and defeat the quiz masters and walk away with a cash prize. However, with several taking on all five at once, many will be wondering how they know who is going to answer, but The Beast has revealed they have a secret code.


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In the new spin-off of the popular afternoon quiz show, players have had a chance to choose which Chasers they go up against to try and win money.

This is the first time contestants have ever been given the power, chasing how many quizmasters they want to take on.

There is a catch, however, as the more they take on, the greater amount of cash at stake and the limit of time they have to answer the question gets tighter.

Bradley was keen to know how exactly the general knowledge gurus managed to communicate with each other, with Mark revealing it’s all in the look.

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Beat the Chasers: Mark Labbett exposes secret codeBeat the Chasers: Mark Labbett exposes secret code between stars of ITV quiz show (Image: ITV)

Beat the ChasersBeat the Chasers sees all five quiz masters play against contestants at once (Image: ITV)

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Following their second defeat of the night, The Sinnerman star Paul said all the Chasers must be thinking “I don’t want to press the button and be the one who gets it wrong".

The host then said: ‘Hang on a minute. So, you’re not just thinking, ‘I know what

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