Fans can go on a tour of the filming locations in #Medici

MEDICI season 3 is now airing on and fans have been binge-watching the latest episodes of the Italian drama. Where is Medici filmed? Where's it set?

PUBLISHED: 17:09, Fri, May 1, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:37, Fri, May 1, 2020

Medici season three has just landed on and the Italian historical drama series tells the story of the famous Medici family, who were bankers of the Pope. The series is set during Renaissance Florence and there are some stunning scenes with grand architecture, as the episodes hone in on the artistic landscape of . Fans have been wondering where the historical drama series is set, and where the main filming locations are for the new series.

Where is Medici set?

The first season called Masters of Florence aired in 2016 and it takes place in the year 1429, following the death of the head of the family - Giovanni de' Medici.

The second series, called Medici: The Magnificent, is set 20 years later and follows the story of Lorenzo de Medici (Daniel Sharman), a descendant of the family.

Finally, the third series picks up immediately after the events of the previous series, and it continues to follow Lorenzo during the period of the Pazzi conspiracy.

Renaissance Florence saw a change from the Middle Ages to what is considered modern history, and it was a period of social change, with a new political and artistic landscape in .

The plan for the Medici family was to increase their power by befriending the Church of , and according to historic texts, the family became one of the richest and most famous of their time.

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Medici: The main filming locationsMedici: The series is set in Florence (Image: )

Medici: Lorenzo has a wife and a loverMedici: Lorenzo is caught up in two relationships (Image: )

Medici season 3: Daniel Sharman drops bombshell on Lorenzo's mourning
Where is Medici filmed?

Many sets and stages were created for the filming of the series, but there are some important locations to highlight including Bracciano Castle in Lazio, .

The central courtyard is one of the most recognisable sets as it features the sculpture of a bear, and it acts as the entrance of the Medici family home in Florence throughout the series.

The Villa Farnese has also been featured, with its stunning gardens and fountains. Other places of interest include the Castle of Santa Severa and Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli.

Pienza - a town in Tuscany - has also been used to depict streets in Florence and it acted as the background in numerous scenes.

The main areas for filming include Florence, Pienza, Montepulciano, , Tivoli and Bracciano.

Medici:Lorenzo leans in for a kissMedici: There are a number of romances in the series (Image: )

Medici: Bradley James appears in the seriesMedici: Bradley James as Lorenzo's brother (Image: )

The Location Guide said the crews for the series have filmed in more than 300 locations across Tuscany

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