Robert Plant reveals INCREDIBLE thing Elvis Presley did when he met Led Zeppelin

Elvis Presley got wind of Led Zeppelin’s growing reputation in the early 1970s and decided he wanted to meet the rock band. What their meeting led to would go on to be one of the most incredible moments of frontman Robert Plant’s life.

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In 1974, Robert, John Bonham and Jimmy Page, who was inspired to play guitar after first hearing Elvis’ Baby Let’s Play House, went to Elvis’ gig in Las Vegas.

After spotting them in the crowd during the concert, Elvis had them invited to meet him at the hotel.

When they arrived at Elvis’ suite, however, for the first few minutes, the King ignored them, according to the LA Times.

Jimmy was the first to get uncomfortable, fidgeting as they started to wonder if, awkwardly, Elvis did in fact want them there.


Elvis Presley, Robert PlantElvis Presley: Robert Plant revealed the amazing thing the King did when he met Led Zeppelin (Image: GETTY)

Elvis PresleyElvis Presley: Robert Plant met the rock 'n' roll star in the 1970s alongside Led Zeppelin (Image: GETTY)

Elvis Presley music: What was Elvis Presley's first album?

Eventually, the rock ’n’ roll star turned around.

As legend goes, he had never listened to Led Zeppelin’s records, other than his cousin playing him Stairway To Heaven, which he liked.

He appeared more interest in the tall rock ’n’ roll tales of the band on the road: that reputation preceded them.

“These stories about you boys on the road…?” he asked, to which Robert replied: “Of course not. We’re family men.


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