Rick and Morty: Anime spin-off confirms game-changing fan theory #RickandMorty ...

The popular Adult Swim series is hoped to return within the next year, but could face major delays amid the coronavirus pandemic. During the wait for more Rick and Morty content, a new short has touched on the game-changing theory that the pair are actually one and the same.

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Co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are currently hard at work producing the new season of Rick and Morty.

In the meantime, fans were treated to an exciting new anime short, Rick and Morty vs Genocider, written and directed by Japanese cartoonist Takashi Sano and produced by Deen Digital.

During the anime-styled spin-off, Rick seems to reveal to his grandson that they are actually one and the same when the mad scientist addresses him as ‘Rick Sanchez’.

The pair’s faces are overlapped in the next shot, before Rick turns into a superpowered version of himself and is killed by a fleet of clones.

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Rick and Morty vs GenociderRick and Morty: New anime short 'confirms' Rick and Morty are the same person in shock twist (Image: Adult Swim)

Keisuke Chiba as MortyRick and Morty: Will Morty eventually grow into Rick? (Image: Adult Swim/Deen Digital)

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Genocider sees Morty travel to Tokyo to battle a parasitic alien race able to wipe out entire civilisations by altering memories.

Before dealing with an attack from the Council of Ricks, the inventor gives Morty a formula which will grant him ‘Rip Van Winkle’ powers.

Morty is thus able to sleep for an incredibly long time without dying, and apparently ages into his own grandfather.

In a time-bending twist, the current ‘Rick’ then receives a phone call from Jerry announcing Morty had just been born.

Rick and Morty vs GenociderRick and Morty take on a monstrous clone (Image: Adult Swim/Deen Digital)

Youhei Tadano and Keisuke ChibaRick and Morty: Fans still don't know if the new short is canon (Image: Adult Swim/Deen Digital)

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