World War 3: Tensions EXPLODE as China is caught off guard by surprise India ...

INDIAN troops launched a surprise overnight attack on China, causing tensions to erupt.

PUBLISHED: 03:40, Thu, Sep 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 03:40, Thu, Sep 3, 2020

The operation saw Indian forces capture a key outpost in the Himalayas on the border with China. The move sparked renewed fears of open warfare between the two regional powers which could spark a global conflict.

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In June 20 Indian soldiers were killed during hand-to-hand fighting with their Chinese counterparts along the contested border.

Speaking to Yahoo News Indian officials claimed their troops climbed mountains for six hours to reach a strategic position by Pangong Lake.

The move was reportedly made in retaliation for a recent intrusion over the border by Chinese troops.

Beijing accused India of unilateral aggression and violating an agreement between the rival nations.

ChinaIndian troops occupied a key position by the Chinese border (Image: GETTY)

ChinaTensions between India and China have surged in recent months (Image: GETTY)

The occupied position provides a view of troop movements across the contested territory.

It also makes it much harder for Chinese forces to observe a crucial Indian supply road.

India’s move was strongly condemned by Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry.

He commented: “In China, we have a saying about a guilty man protesting conspicuously his innocence. That’s just what India did.”

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ChinaBoth India and China have built up their forces along the border (Image: GETTY)


Meetings between Chinese and Indian military commanders to resolve the dispute continued on Wednesday but

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