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BRITISH AIRWAYS has resumed flights on both long- and short-haul routes amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, the experience onboard is no longer the same as flights you may have experienced in the past. Here's what passengers can expect.

PUBLISHED: 10:29, Wed, Sep 16, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:29, Wed, Sep 16, 2020

British Airways returned to the skies in July following the coronavirus lockdown. However, flights revamped with a host of new measures to keep passengers and crew safe. Recently, flew on a short-haul flight with the airline and gained and insight into what travellers can expect on for future journeys.

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The airline says that it has ramped up cleaning measures behind-the-scenes, which means aircraft are fully disinfected before passengers even board.

This should give traveller some peace of mind that seats and surfaces are free from germs and bacteria, with the airline stating: “Every key surface is disinfected after every flight and we clean our aircraft from nose to tail every day.

“We sanitise key surfaces before every flight, from your seat to your screen, seat buckle and tray tables.”

Though the cleaning happened pre-boarding, upon entering the plane it is noticeable that there is no litter or rubbish left behind from previous journeys.

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British airways flightsBritish Airways: What to expect onboard when flying during coronavirus (Image: Getty Images / Aimee Robinson)

British Airways hand sanitiserBritish Airways: Passengers are given a "personal protection pack" (Image: Aimee Robinson)

Social distancing is maintained where possible in airports and passengers are called to board in groups, based on seat numbers.

However, the airline has said that social distancing is not possible onboard, which meant on our journey we were seated beside a stranger.

British Airways does note the use of HEPA filters onboard though, which is said to vastly improve air quality.

As the British-carrier’s website explains: “HEPA filters remove microscopic bacteria and virus clusters with over 99.9 percent efficiency, equivalent to hospital operating theatre standards.”

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Personal hygiene is also taken into consideration, with passengers being handed a “personal protection pack” upon boarding.

The sealed plastic bag comes with hand

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