Sturgeon handed fresh blow: 'Shetland Islands BRAINWASHED to think it's part of ...

NICOLA STURGEON has been delivered another blow after a Shetland Islands independence campaigner said Shetlanders have been "brainwashed" to think the rugged archipelago is part of Scotland.

PUBLISHED: 10:24, Sat, Sep 19, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:29, Sat, Sep 19, 2020

Stuart Hill, who believes the islands have never belonged to Scotland or Britain, blasted the Scottish National Party (SNP) and its leader, Nicola Sturgeon, as he rallied for an independence referendum. He told residents on the Shetland Islands are “more capable” of running the community than “by diktat from Holyrood or Westminster”.


He said: “My research shows that Shetland is already independent, but most people here will not accept that because they have been brainwashed into thinking that Shetland is part of Scotland and accepting my position involves challenging sovereignty.

“The current movement will, I expect, be asking for powers before ensuring that those they are asking have the powers to give them.

“It is my expectation that the Shetland community will move as one when they are comfortable to do so.”

The Shetland and Orkney independence campaigner said Ms Sturgeon was “not much liked” on the islands and as the First Minister ploughs ahead with her own desperate plans for a second Scottish independence referendum in the wake of Brexit it was “inevitable” residents on the rugged archipelago would feel the same.

nicola sturgeonNicola Sturgeon has been delivered a blow over the Shetland Islands (Image: GETTY)

The Englishman has been campaigning over constitutional matters since he arrived in Shetland in August 2001 after his boat capsized around 50 miles west of the isles.

He wants the Shetlands and Orkney to have their own own flag, currency and stamps.

The power struggle is engulfed around the islands, which land more fish than ports in England, Wales and Northern Ireland combined.

Mr Hill said: “Shetlanders are much more capable than they give themselves credit for and would be able to run this community better to the satisfaction of its members than by diktat from Holyrood or Westminster.

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