Susanna Reid shuts down Good Morning Britain co-star as she's teased over ...

Over the weekend, an interview with Susanna Reid was published in Stella magazine in which she detailed how terrified she was at the start of the pandemic. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, her co-host Piers Morgan teased her nightmares may have started earlier as he read out at excerpt from the interview and admired images of her from the accompanying photoshoot.

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“Susanna, lovely cover of Stella magazine in the Telegraph,” Piers remarked.

“Very striking photographs and I sort of slightly ambiguous interview.

“You talk about these nights you’ve had where you’ve had nightmares.”

Piers went on to read an extract from Susanna’s interview: “The early days were very frightening.

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Susanna ReidSusanna Reid shuts down Good Morning Britain co-star as she's teased over 'night terrors' (Image: ITV • GETTY)

Piers Morgan Susanna ReidSusanna Reid's photoshoot was admired by Piers Morgan who said it gave him 'palpitations' (Image: ITV )

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“I started to have very vivid, terrifying nightmares where I would wake up screaming and crying even though I couldn’t quite remember what the nightmares were.”

The presenter then teased: “Was that when I joined the show?”

“Yes, they started in 2015 and they haven’t stopped,” Susanna hit back.

Later, Piers admitted he had “heart palpitations” over the photographs of his co-host.

MAtt HancockSusanna and Piers threatened to crash Matt Hancock's interview on This Morning (Image: GETTY)

“Actually can we go back to that one,” he said as images of Susanna were shown on-screen.

“I think I’m having heart palpitations now.”

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