Did Elvis Presley ever meet The Rolling Stones? 'BIG regret'

ELVIS PRESLEY influenced a great many artists in the 1960s - but did The Rolling Stones ever meet The King?

PUBLISHED: 20:07, Thu, Sep 24, 2020 | UPDATED: 20:07, Thu, Sep 24, 2020

Elvis Presley had fans in the UK from the moment they could listen to his music. From John Lennon to Sir Mick Jagger, artists were influenced by The King’s rock ‘n’ roll as well as his swivelling hips and swagger. The Beatles famously met their idol in a rather awkward encounter, but did The Rolling Stones ever get the honour?


According to one member of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, they sadly missed out on the honour of getting the chance to meet their idol.

On his YouTube show Ask Keith, the guitarist opened up on how influential The King was for him, and how he felt when he did not get the chance to meet him.

He said: “I grew up listening to those first Sun Records with Elvis… I grew up and I listened to that stuff and thought, ‘This cat is incredible.’

“Those early records were, man, this cat’s got vision.”

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Rolling Stones - did they ever meet Elvis?Rolling Stones - did they ever meet Elvis? (Image: Getty)

Mick Jagger and Keith RichardsMick Jagger and Keith Richards (Image: Getty)

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Despite his feelings for the star, Keith felt meeting him would have been a big regret for him, as he did not want to come face to face with who he called a “fallen idol.”

He continued: “I don’t know he just fell down into the hole but at the same time you will never take away that incredible influence he had on my generation at least.

“So I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to meet a fallen idol. I realised he really wasn’t his own man.”

In contrast, Sir Mick Jagger shared to MOJO magazine his big regrets about not meeting Elvis, given he had an opportunity shortly before The King’s death.

Elvis Presley in his later yearsElvis Presley in his later

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