How many band members have been in Aerosmith?

AEROSMITH may have been around for a little while but its line-up has had a few iterations - so how many members have been in Aerosmith?

PUBLISHED: 15:00, Mon, Oct 5, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:00, Mon, Oct 5, 2020

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Aerosmith is well-loved by rock fans everywhere, having started life in the 1970s before taking the 1980s by storm. The band has been around for many years and its frontman Steven Tyler is considered rock royalty. With most bands having various changing line-ups in their careers, is Aerosmith one of them?

How many band members have been in Aerosmith?

The current line up of Aerosmith is Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford, and has been that grouping pretty much since its inception.

The band line-up came about when two bands joined up, and something new was born.

Joe Perry’s Jam Band, which started up before the birth of Aerosmith, included Joey, Joe and Tom.

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Aerosmith line up - how many members have there been?Aerosmith line up - how many members have there been? (Image: Getty)

Aerosmith in their early daysAerosmith in their early days (Image: Getty)

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Meanwhile, Steven had his own band, Chain Reaction, in which he played the drums.

The two bands performed at the same gig in 1970 and at this point, history was made as the two groups got to know one another.

Soon, at what was reportedly Steven’s idea, the bands combined, with Steven moving from drummer to frontman.

Ray Tabano joined as the band was signed, only remaining in the band for a very short time, after which he was replaced by Brad Whitford.

Steven Tyler and Ray TabanoSteven Tyler and Ray Tabano (Image: Getty)

Technically, while Brad has been in the band for almost its entire time together, Ray was actually a founding member of Aerosmith.

The line-up has pretty much remained with these five performers, except for one period

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