Multi-billion CERN experiment 'proves GOD' is real, claims Bible expert

SCIENTISTS at CERN have proven the existence of God when they observed for the first time the ultra-rare decay of the so-called "God Particle", a Christian evangelist has bizarrely announced.

PUBLISHED: 13:55, Fri, Oct 9, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:18, Fri, Oct 9, 2020

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CERN or The European Organization for Nuclear Research is home to the world's biggest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The more than £3.6billion ($4.75billion) project saw the construction of the nearly 17-mile-long accelerator, along which particles are sped up and smashed at near the speed of light. Since the LHC was first turned on deep below Geneva, Switzerland, and France, the accelerator has made a myriad of scientific breakthroughs.


Most famously, physicists at CERN announced in 2012 the discovery of the Higgs Boson - dubbed by some the God Particle - which is believed to impart mass on other particles through the Higgs Field.

The discovery was an incredible triumph for the scientific community, and in particular, British physicist Peter Higgs who alongside his peers has theorised the particle in the 1960s.

But Christians worldwide might also have something to celebrate, thanks to another major discovery made this summer.

Scientists at the CMS and ATLAS particle detectors on the LHC have observed the Higgs Boson decaying into another elementary particle known as a muon.

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CMS particle detector at CERN and the LHCA Christian preacher believes CERN scientists have proven God real (Image: GETTY/PAUL BEGLEY)

Pastor Paul Begley talking about CERN experimentsPastor Paul Begley belives experiments at CERN could unleash evil upon the world (Image: PAUL BEGLET)

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The observation marks the very first time the Higgs has been deen decaying into this second-generation particle, which is in the same class of particles as electrons.

Pastor Paul Begley, a popular TV evangelist and online personality, has now claimed this discovery amounts to evidence proving God is real.

During a live broadcast to his more than 339,000 followers on YouTube, the preacher explained how he thinks the experiment validates his belief in God.

He said: "A muon is also what is known as a second-generation particle.

"First-generation fermion particles, such as electrons, are the lightest of the particles, but second and

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