'Don't budge, Boris!' Brexiteer DESTROYS Macron's fishing gamble - Britain MUST ...

BORIS JOHNSON has been warned he must not give into Emmanuel Macron's demands over fisheries in any post-Brexit trade deal.

PUBLISHED: 15:12, Mon, Oct 12, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:13, Mon, Oct 12, 2020

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The issue of fisheries has been one of the largest areas of divergence between UK and EU officials. Due to France's reliance on the UK's waters, Emmanuel Macron has insisted European fishermen must be given continued access to fisheries. However, in response to Mr Macron's demands, businessman and peer, Lord Digby Jones claimed the Prime Minister must not back down to the French President. 


He said: "So Macron wants us to give French fishermen the same rights post-Deal as now.

"Of course he does; the French catch by far the most fish in our waters.

"But if we walk away with no deal Monsieur you get zilch.

"So isn’t it better to stop the hardball Gallic posturing?

Brexit news: Boris Johnson warnedBrexit news: Boris Johnson warned (Image: PA)

Brexit news: Fisheries have remained an issueBrexit news: Fisheries have remained an issue (Image: No10 Flickr)

"Push us too hard & you get a very dischuffed bunch of fisherman Emmanuel.

"Your problem, your call. Don’t budge Boris!"

The last round of formal talks concluded without any agreement on fisheries, although the UK's chief negotiator, Lord David Frost did offer a three-year extension period.

Under the period, coastal communities would be given the time to adjust to the changing conditions. 

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Brexit news: Fishermen have demanded Boris take the UK's waters backBrexit news: Fishermen have demanded Boris take the UK's waters back (Image: GETTY)

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