#Brexit LIVE: #EmmanuelMacron to cave on hardline fishing demands – deal in ...

EMMANUEL MACRON is on the verge of caving in over fishing and other key demands, insiders have suggested - paving the way for a post-Brexit trade deal.

PUBLISHED: 07:47, Sat, Oct 24, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:27, Sat, Oct 24, 2020

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And with talks set to continue throughout the weekend, hopes are rising about the prospects of an agreement being struck between the UK and the EU. Sources have suggested the French President is relaxing his stance, especially in relation to state aid rules.


Sources have suggested the French President is relaxing his stance, especially in relation to state aid rules.

Crucially, there are also indications that he is prepared to back down over fishing rights for French ships after Brexit, something which has proved to be a huge stumbling bloc.

Specifically, Express.co.uk understands he has prepared France's fishing industry to accept a reduction in quotas from UK waters.

Simon Coveney, Ireland's foreign minister, struck an optimistic note, saying a deal was "doable but difficult".

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Both the UK and the EU had previously said that they would need to get a deal by mid-October if it was to be implemented in time - and they are in a race against time with December 31 - which marks the last day of the transition period - looming.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that if there is no agreement, Britain will start trading with the bloc on "Australian terms" - shorthand for World Trade Organisation rules.

Nevertheless, the prospect of the imposition of tariffs and quotas has concerned many businesses which are already under pressure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

He added: “The pressure is on. We’re running out of time."

Downing Street has said both sides - led by the EU's Michel Barnier and his UK counterpart Lord Frost respectively - are now in "intensive talks" which would continue until to Sunday.


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France's President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Boris JohnsonFrance's President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY)

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Pieter Cleppe, a Brussels-based research fellow with the think tank Property Rights Alliance, said the Chancellor should instead identify areas where he could save money.

During an online question and answer session at the Conservative Party conference earlier this month, Mr Sunak refused to rule out increases to VAT, income tax and National Insurance to cover the cost of borrowing which totalled £174billion in the first five months of the year alone.

Mr Cleppe provided a number of examples of how rules imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic have exposed the impact high rates of taxation have on the economies of individual countries.

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