Hunters Moon 2020: What is spiritual meaning of Halloween Full Moon?

A Full Moon on Halloween is a rare occasion, occurring only once every 19 years on average. The fact it is a Full Moon on Halloween as well as the second Full Moon of the month - known as a Blue Moon - makes this coming pagan holiday extra special.

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What does a Blue Hunters Moon on Halloween mean for you?

As the name suggests, a Hunters Moon gets its name from the Native American people who would use the Moon to go and hunt and stock up in preparation for the impending winter.

While most of us do not hunt for our food anymore, spiritually speaking, the Hunters Moon encourages you to go seek out your dreams.

Now is the time to set sights on your goals and pursue them relentlessly.

After dwelling over the past month about what it is you want, make sure you use this time to go out and get it.

moonHunters Moon 2020: What is spiritual meaning of Halloween Full Moon? (Image: GETTY)

full moonThe Full Moon will rise on Halloween (Image: GETTY)

Satin Crystals said: "As times have changed, most of us are no longer hunters of our meat. Many people don't even eat meat.

"Yet, everyone can still enjoy the modern benefits of the Hunter Moon vibrations.

"Spiritually, the Hunter Moon is about capturing your dreams.

"October of

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