Queen snub: Charles 'may undermine monarch's very personal relationship' with ...

PRINCE CHARLES reportedly backed the idea of Australia becoming its own republic and rejecting the monarchy, according to the nation's former Prime Minister, despite the Queen's attachment to the country.

PUBLISHED: 08:42, Thu, Oct 29, 2020 | UPDATED: 08:42, Thu, Oct 29, 2020

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The Queen is the constitutional monarch of Australia, meaning she plays a ceremonial and largely symbolic role. According to the official royal.uk website, she has “developed a very personal relationship with Australia” throughout her reign which is also “unique” — and the monarch is conscious that she “speaks and acts as Queen of Australia” in all her duties. After a 1999 referendum, the nation voted to keep the British monarchy with 55 percent rejecting the prospect of a republic.


Yet, it is believed that many are waiting until the crown passes to Charles before cutting ties with Australia’s overseas sovereign, as a show of respect to the Queen’s long and stable reign.

The Newspaper The Australian revealed in 2017 that 51 percent want an Australian head of state — although this shoots up to 55 percent in the event that Charles becomes king.

However, reports have emerged over the years that claim the Prince of Wales supports the idea of Australia leaving the monarchy behind.

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating, who led the country between 1991 and 1996, told The Australian: “I have no doubt he [Charles] believes Australia should be free of the British monarchy and that it should make its own way in the world.

“Why would he or any one of his family want to visit Australia pretending to be, or representing its aspirations as its head of state?”

Queen Elizabeth II in Australia and her successor, Prince CharlesQueen Elizabeth II in Australia and her successor, Prince Charles (Image: Getty)

Prince Charles with then Prime Minister Paul Keating, who is a keen republicanPrince Charles with then Prime Minister Paul Keating, who is a keen republican (Image: Getty)

Mr Keating continued: “No great country ever borrows the monarch of another country.

"And Australia is otherwise entitled to be a great country. But it cannot be until it sheds the derivative notion that its roots lie somewhere else.”

Mr Keating alleged that he had raised the issue of Australia’s constitutional future with Charles before his visit down under to support the Commonwealth Games back in 2018.

These allegations first appeared in The Australian, but similar claims have been circulating for some time.

During a trip to Australia with Princess Diana and their then infant son Prince William, Charles reportedly made a pointed remark at the thought of Australia going independent.

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