Beatles FEUD: What happened between John Lennon and Sir Rod Stewart?

JOHN LENNON had some pretty regular fans, but also fell out with some musical stars throughout his career -sot what happened between him and Sir Rod Stewart?

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 08:01, Wed, Nov 4, 2020

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John Lennon, along with Sir Paul McCartney, were the main songwriters in The Beatles. The Lennon-McCartney partnership was prolific and full of brilliant songs, while Sir Rod Stewart was also writing music of his own. Before he died, John spoke out about whether one song of Sir Rod’s was very familiar.


John Lennon has spoken about his song, Don’t Let Me Down, and suggested there are similarities in it to another song but Sir Rod Stewart: The Killing of Georgie.

Speaking to David Sheff alongside his wife Yoko Ono, he said: “By the way, Rod Stewart turned that [Don’t Let Me Down] into ‘[Georgie] don’t go-o-o.’

“That’s one the publishers never noticed.

“Why didn’t he just sing ‘Don’t Let Me Down’? The same reason I don’t sing other people’s stuff: because you don’t get paid.”

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John Lennon and Rod Stewart - what happened between them?John Lennon and Rod Stewart - what happened between them? (Image: Getty)

John Lennon and Paul McCartneyJohn Lennon and Paul McCartney (Image: Getty)

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Sir Rod did open up about this in 2016 to The Guardian, pretty much admitting to making something similar.

He said: “It does sound like it. Nothing wrong with a good steal!

“I’m sure if you look back to the 60s, you’d find other songs with those three chords and that melody line.”

Talking about the song itself, Sir Rod said: “I used to camp it up something terrible when we played the songs.

“We used to have a lamp post come down onto the stage. I’d lean on it and sing.

Rod StewartRod Stewart (Image: Getty)

“I used to wear a lot of make-up in those days. All the guys around me used to say: ‘Ding-dong! Avon calling!’”

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