All we know about when #Autumnwatch will be returning

AUTUMNWATCH has become one of the best-loved programmes as part of the BBC schedule and fans are keen to find out when it will be back. When will Autumnwatch return?

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Fri, Nov 6, 2020

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Autumnwatch is an uplifting nature series on BBC Two, which acts as a spin-off to the original Springwatch series. The shows are broadcast live from various picturesque locations across the UK, and Autumnwatch quickly became a full series after a one-off special in 2006. Fans are keen to find out when presenters Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams will return.

When will Autumnwatch return?

Autumnwatch returns every year for four episodes, which are filmed at four different locations across the UK.

This year the presenters were in Machynlleth in Wales, Fife, the New Forest and South Yorkshire, where special hidden cameras captured natural behaviour of wildlife.

The series is considered to be the BBC's biggest 'outside broadcast' event as it requires a crew of more than 100 people.

The 2020 season is due to come to an end on Friday, November 6, airing at 8pm on BBC Two, and in the episode Gillian will head to Cornwall to report on the return of some giant tuna.

Lolo will also be off to Wales to spot some leaping salmon, and the cameras will be following some gannets in Yorkshire.

Sadly the series will not be returning this year after the final episode has aired, as the four episodes only come around once a year.

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Autumnwatch: The series will return in 2021Autumnwatch: The presenters will be back next year in 2021 (Image: BBC)

Autumnwatch: A red squirrelAutumnwatch: A squirrel amongst the Autumn leaves (Image: BBC)

Chris Packham would've been horrified if stepdaughter planned TV move

Autumnwatch will most likely be returning to the BBC in November 2021, following the usual schedule, but fans need not be disheartened.

They will be able to tune in to the next series of Winterwatch, which is another spin-off containing four annual episodes.

Winterwatch is usually aired in late January, so fans can expect the next Winterwatch series to air towards the end of January 2021.

With this in mind, they only have to wait a couple of months before they can get up close and personal witch nature again.

The Winterwatch presenters are the same as those who front Autumnwatch, so fans will be pleased to hear all the familiar faces will be returning.

The official BBC Springwatch Twitter account has been sharing plenty of updates so fans can stay in touch with nature during lockdown.

Autumnwatch: The presentersAutumnwatch: The presenters will be back in January for Winterwatch (Image: BBC)

In a recent video tweet they said: "Hedgehogs are in

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