Police used their new HGV supercab tool

POLICE officers have recorded over 300 driving offences using a unique new enforcement technique being rolled out across the UK.

PUBLISHED: 11:42, Tue, Nov 24, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:09, Tue, Nov 24, 2020

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Warwickshire Police achieved the results using the Highway England owned HGV supercab which has been trialed by police forces across the UK. The new tool allows officers to use a specially adapted heavy goods vehicle to get a better view of what lorry drivers do behind the wheel.

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The new cab can also be used to look down into car cabins and pick up motorists breaking a range of simple driving laws which can lead to heavy penalties.

Over the five day operation, officers detected 317 offences including 69 drivers using a mobile phone while driving.

In one incident, a HGV driver was so distracted by his phone that it took two police officers to stop him travelling at 60mph on the M40.

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The driver was also found not wearing a seatbelt and carrying a load which was not properly fastened in a major safety risk.

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driving fine law hgv cabsHundreds of drivers have been caught with the new technique (Image: Warwickshire Police)

driving mobile phone lawSome drivers were even seen taking both hands off the wheel to use their phones (Image: Warwickshire Police)

Failing to wear a seatbelt was recorded as the top offence detected by the new HGV supercab with 97 drivers caught out.

This included 69 HGv drivers behind the wheel of heavy and therefore hazardous vehicles as well as 26 van drivers.

Some road users were even caught watching video behind the wheel with one businessman even working while driving.

Highways England Assistant Regional Safety Coordinator, Marie Biddulph said it was “disappointing” that drivers failed to wear their seatbelts behind the wheel.

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