BBC's Charlie Stayt slapped down by Sunak in over taxes probe in spending ...

Charlie Stayt wasted no time in asking Chancellor Rishi Sunak about the Spending Review on Thursday’s BBC Breakfast and demanded to know why taxes were not addressed. The host wanted to know why Sunak had not explained how the latest announcements would effect taxes in the long-term. However, he was slapped down when the Chancellor explained it wouldn’t have been appropriate to discuss taxes in a review, firmly telling Stayt the focus was on protecting jobs.

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Stayt asked: “Chancellor, why don’t you treat people with a bit more respect and level with them about the long-term tax implications of all your spending?

“You made no mention of it yesterday, why don’t you just tell people taxes will go up?”

“Well, because it was a Spending Review yesterday not a budget,” Sunak replied.

Stayt continued: “Well, I’m asking you that question now.”

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Charlie Stayt Rishi SunakBBC's Charlie Stayt slapped down by Sunak in spending review row 'Wouldn’t be appropriate' (Image: BBC)

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“And I’ll give you the same answer now, it wouldn’t be appropriate for the Chancellor, any chancellors to speculate about future tax policy because that would have real world implications,” Sunak answered.

“As you would find from any chancellor, they would talk about fiscal policy at a budget and obviously we have budgets. We’ll have one in the spring and normally have one in the autumn.

“But what I did say very clearly yesterday and have said consistently throughout this, the scale of the borrowing we are undertaking this year is obviously not sustainable.

“Record peacetime highs in borrowing and debt, the forecast that was set out yesterday show us on a path that shows that to be very elevated levels.

Rishi Sunak on BBC BreakfastBBC's Charlie Stayt interview Rishi Sunak about the Spending Review (Image: BBC)

Charlie Stayt and Rishi sunakBBC's Charlie Stayt repeated his question about taxes in his chat with Sunak (Image: BBC)

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