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PILOTS have an incredibly high-stress job having to navigate entire aircraft full of passengers around the world. However, one Virgin Atlantic has claimed the best part of the job for her is not during the flight, but once the plane is on the ground.

PUBLISHED: 15:03, Thu, Nov 26, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:04, Thu, Nov 26, 2020

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Commercial pilots spend their working day 35,000 feet above the clouds flying passengers around the world. It can be a very intense job, particularly when bad weather and other issues arise.

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This is why the training process to become a pilot is one that is rather long and comes with a lot of testing along the way.

For one Virgin Atlantic pilot, however, it isn’t the time above the clouds that makes the job worthwhile.

Instead, one of her favourite parts of the job occurs on the ground.

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Sorcha Didier is a pilot and business resilience manager for Virgin Atlantic.

“I have got to say that seeing the faces of your passenger leaving the aircraft after you have landed the aircraft safely is worth every single time that I had to pick myself up again and keep going and keep pushing to achieve my dream,” revealed Sorcha Didier as part of Virgin Atlantic's Flight School on Instagram.

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virgin atlantic pilotVirgin Atlantic pilot says learning to trust herself and the process is the 'hardest' part of job (Image: Instagram / Getty Images)

Virgin Atlantic instagramVirgin Atlantic showed the video as part of its Flight School on Instagram (Image: Instagram @VirginAtlantic)

Sorcha is one of very few female commercial pilots worldwide.

According to the latest data from Pilot Institute, in 2020 just six percent pilots worldwide are female.

She began her aviation journey when she was just 17, and explained that things weren’t all smooth sailing.

After experiencing flight at a local aviation fair, she decided to embark on learning how to fly a plane herself.

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