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Britain's Best Selling Toys: Anita Rani criticises Barbie dolls

While Anita Rani is a regular presenter on BBC’s Countryfile, she featured on Best Toys of the 80s over the festive period and revealed there was on toy which she couldn’t stand as it made her “feel inadequate”. Anita, 43, explained why the doll was not one she wanted to play with as a young girl despite being incredibly popular with others.

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Anita remarked: “I’m sorry to be the Barbie hater but she didn’t represent me in anyway.

“If anything, she highlighted all my failings.

“My legs were never going to be that long, my hair was never going to be blonde but she just made me feel in adequate.

“She just reckons herself doesn’t she, Barbie? She’s like, ‘Hey, I’m Barbie.’”

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Anita Rani on CountryfileCountryfile's Anita Rani on feeling 'inadequate' as young girl 'Highlighted my failings' (Image: BBC • CHANNEL 4)

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Anita’s appearance on the series came over Christmas, when she was suffering from Covid-19.

Sharing a video her Instagram page, Anita told her 70,600 followers: “Happy New Year from me and Rafi.

“I had plans to have a photo of myself with an amazing message [like] 'let's manifest some amazing stuff for ourselves.’

“But the truth is, I woke up on the first of January feeling pretty down and pretty grotty after having Covid for the whole of Christmas.

Anita Rani on CountryfileCountryfile's Anita Rani suffered from coronavirus over the Christmas period (Image: BBC)

Anita RaniCountryfile's Anita Rani is set to publish a 'deeply

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