Merkel Covid crackdown: Germany to DETAIN lockdown rule breakers in refugee ...

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Four states in the country will now create new detention centres for those who repeatedly violate the lockdown measures. The eastern state of Saxony is set to use part of a refugee camp to hold coronavirus rule breakers. A further three states, Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein, will also create facilities in order to hold rule-breakers.

In Baden-Wurttemberg, the repeat offenders will be guarded by police, while Schleswig-Holstein will use an area within a juvenile detention centre.

Dr Christoph Degenhart, an expert in administrative law, told German publication Die Welt that federal states had been given the power to detain people who break quarantine rules.

This is due to the disease protection act, an emergency law passed by the German government in March and renewed in November.

The new detentions centres have drawn comparison to prisons in East Germany during the Cold War.

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EU news: Angela MerkelEU news: Angela Merkel (Image: GETTY)

EU news: Some states will open up detention centresEU news: Some states will open up detention centres (Image: GETTY)

German politician for the Alternative for Germany party, Jona Cotar, claimed some states had “read too much Orwell”.

Angela Merkel's government has extended its lockdown measures until mid-February to try and stop the spread of infection.

Germany has seen a rise in anti-coronavirus protests as well as anti-vaxxers.

Last month, several cities in the country held rallies against the latest measures brought in by the government.

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EU news: Angela MerkelEU news: Angela Merkel (Image: GETTY)

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