EU shamed: Malone slams Brussels for labelling UK 'irrelevant' but now ...

Jeremy Vine: Malone slams EU in vaccine rollout rant

The UK Government has made strong progress in its bid to vaccinate the 13 million most vulnerable people in the country by the middle of February. Earlier this month it was revealed that Britain had administered more coronavirus vaccines than the entire European Union. 

The UK Government authorised the use of various coronavirus vaccines much more quickly than the European Union and as a result, the trading bloc is some way behind Britain in terms of vaccinations.Carole Malone told Channel 5's Jeremey Vine programme that the UK should prioritise vaccinating its own population rather than helping the European Union.

Ms Malone said: "The EU has been calling us irrelevant for months.

"They now want our help. I think we should put our people first before sharing vaccines."

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eu news Brexit latestEU news: Carole Malone slammed the trading bloc (Image: Channel 5•GETTY)

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coronavirus vaccine latestCoronavirus vaccine: The vaccines authorised within the UK (Image: Express)

She added: "We keep being told by the EU that we are an insignificant little island.

"Yet suddenly we are expected to provide for the rest of the world.

"The fact

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