Matt Hancock to offer everyone with coronavirus in England £500 in dramatic ...

Matt Hancock hopes for a 'great British summer' post-lockdown

Matt Hancock wants the Government to pay £500 to those who have tested positive for coronavirus according to a new report from the Guardian. Dubbed a "universal payment", it is reported to be the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care's prefered option in encouraging more people to stay at home.

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According to an official policy paper, the plans would cost over £450milllion and within the paper proposals are made that the police should be given access to health data for the first time to halt lockdown breaches.

These changes to the self-isolation support scheme were drawn up by Matt's team and is expected to be considered by the Government's official operations comittee, who are set to meet this Friday.

Reportedly, another recommendation calls for the ending of the £500 one-off payment made to close contacts of the infected and instead roll out self-testing across the UK.

This would be done in the hope that those who test negative can head back to work.

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CoronavirusCoronavirus has forced the Government to take drastic action (Image: GETTY)

Under the current rules, a person may be able to get a £500 payment if they need to self-isolate and they cannot work from home or, they're on a low income and getting certain benefits.

For employed claimants, they'll need to pay tax on the payment if it puts them over their tax-free personal allowance, which is currently sitting at £12,500.

To collect the tax, the Government will change the recipient's tax code and while no National Insurance bill will be levied, the self-employed must report the £500 payment on their tax return.

What counts as a "low income" will alter between councils but there is a tool on the Government's website that can help with

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