Europe travel bans: Portugal, Netherlands and Finland ban UK travellers amid ...

UK travel ban: Coronavirus restrictions detailed by expert

Portugal, the Netherlands and Finland have become the latest European nations to ban all UK travellers from crossing their borders. It comes amid growing concerns over new strains of COVID-19 which have been discovered in several countries worldwide, including England.

Spain BLOCKS UK travellers as Covid travel ban extended

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced on Thursday that all flights to and from Britain would be suspended from Saturday.

Portugal is already waging its own war against rising coronavirus rates.

As of January 21, there were 13,544 new cases of Covid detected in the country.

Now, the nation will only allow repatriation flights to and from the UK.

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Europe travel banEurope travel bans: Portugal, the Netherlands and Finland have banned UK travellers (Image: Getty Images)

Portugal travel banPortugal has banned UK travellers over coronavirus concerns (Image: Getty Images)

At a news conference, Mr Costa said the measures were aimed to reduce the "risk of contagion" due to the new "more contagious" variant of COVID-19 discovered initially in Britain.

The UK has also banned flights from Portugal due to concerns over its connectivity with South America, where another new strain of the virus has been detected.

Meanwhile, a similar move has been taken in the Netherlands, which is now banning citizens of several countries outside the Schengen Zone from crossing its borders.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that flights from the UK, South Africa and South American countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela, will be banned as of January 23.

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