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Ryan Gosling stars in Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 introduced a collection of new characters, including the horrific Niander Wallace. 1985’s Blade Runner saw Los Angeles more-or-less run by the Tyrell Corporation, but its sequel - which was released over 30-years later - revealed the Tyrell corp absorbed by Wallace Corporation, run by Niander. While the character was the ultimate antagonist in the science-fiction movie, he never really got a satisfying ending, and his actor, Jared Leto, now wants to see the villain take centre-screen once again in a prequel to the film.

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Leto recently gave an interview about his work, where he explained: “You know, with every character I play - I don’t know if it’s because I work so intently and I tend to dig really deep and put a lot of time and energy into it - but when I’m done playing with them, done playing the parts, I do miss them a little bit.”

The former Joker actor went on to add: “And you do all this work anyway, it would be kind of nice to go back and explore other [characters].

“Like Niander Wallace in Blade Runner - I would love to play that part again as a prequel or something.”

Niander was given a deep backstory in the film, and the lead-up to its release.

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Blade Runner 2049 jared leto niander wallaceBlade Runner 2049: Niander Wallace's story wasn't brought to an end (Image: SONY)

Blade Runner 2049 jared leto niander wallaceBlade Runner 2049: Niander Wallace could have a lot more to show (Image: SONY)

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By delivering numerous powerful monologues throughout Blade Runner 2049, Leto showed off exactly how much of a sociopath Niander truly was.

This much was evident in one of his first scenes, which showed him killing a newborn replicant woman,

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