David Attenborough won't 'leave home' over health fears as he admits 'I don't ...

David Attenborough 'didn't want to leave home' says producer

Sir David Attenborough is back with a new series, A Perfect Planet, and while he did not head out on location for the latest show, he did record the voice overs from his home. His colleague Ed Charles has revealed the steps Sir David took in order to keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown last year.

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Speaking on Lorraine, Ed explained: “We did the recording from his home due to lockdown and him [David] being in his nineties, he didn’t want to leave his home, and did the recording there.

“He rigged a studio in his room and put duvets all over the walls to help dampen the sound and then our sound recorder went down there, took a very long cable and put it through his window.

"He was sat out in the garden recording and David narrated from inside his own home, which was a bit of a challenge.

"David is the ultimate professional and took it all in his stride.”

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David AttenboroughDavid Attenborough won't 'leave home' over health fears as he admits 'I don't have long' (Image: BBC)

David AttenboroughDavid Attenborough recorded the voice over for A Perfect Planet from his own home (Image: BBC)

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At 94, Sir David was at high risk of contracting coronavirus but has since received his Covid-19 vaccine.

A representative for the veteran presenter confirmed: “Sir David was always keen to get vaccinated, and support both the current programme and the NHS.

"Of course, as well as his family and loved ones, millions of animal fans across the globe will be

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