Nicola Sturgeon's 'anti-English' stance laid bare by paradoxical pro-Brussels ...

SNP 'supremely uncomfortable' with UK status says Ian Collins

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly criticised Westminster for being too distant from Scotland and therefore unable to understand Scottish politics. However, talkRADIO host Ian Collins believed it was paradoxical for the SNP to turn their nose up at London but be welcoming towards Brussels. The radio host added that Scottish independence can be boiled down to an “anti-English” position which has existed for hundreds of years. 

Speaking on his show, Mr Collins told listeners: “I’ve always found the argument, even before Brexit, I found it a bit strange. 

“That the Scottish nationalists, and in particular Nicola Sturgeon, prior to her Mr Salmond, would often make this point: ‘How do they know down there in Westminster what is going on up here?’

“It’s exactly the same claim someone in Cornwall can make, it’s just a distance (thing), wherever the capital city is it’s sure to get a royal pounding every now and then by dint of its very existence.

“What do they know down there in Westminster about how to run things up here in Scotland seemed to be the thing.

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Nicola SturgeonNicola Sturgeon was called out for disliking Westminster, but welcoming towards Brussels (Image: Getty)

Ian CollinsIan Collins broke down SNP arguments on his show (Image: Getty)

“But (they are) quite happy to defer to more of a bureaucratic mandate from Brussels over Westminster.

“Of course, it was never, when it came to the Scottish Nationalists, an issue about real independence or the intelligent arguments about breaking away from the Union this was basically just an anti-English thing. 

“And that fight has been at play for hundreds of years. 

“We know that and the SNP make no bones about it they are supremely uncomfortable with their status of being part of a

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