Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert ‘wanted to be PM’ as FBI’s brutal ...

Ghislaine Maxwell ‘covered under immunity clause’ says Sarnoff

Ms Maxwell is currently behind bars in New York, having been arrested on charges relating to her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein in the summer. Epstein — already a convicted sex offender — was charged for sex trafficking the previous year, but killed himself in jail before his trial. British socialite Ms Maxwell appeared to go into hiding after his arrest, but was discovered by the FBI in their ongoing investigation into a potential international sex trafficking ring, supposedly led by Epstein.

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The case has attracted worldwide attention because Ms Maxwell and her longtime associate ran with high-society.

In an attempt to understand Ms Maxwell and how the socialite found herself embroiled in an international scandal, a new podcast called, ‘Power: The Maxwells’ examined her family background — and her father, who saw her as his favourite child.

Robert Maxwell was a famous media mogul and former MP.

His sudden and mysterious death in 1991 left a mountain of debt to be shouldered by his children, despite his attempts to illegally siphon off money from his employees’ pension pots to balance his accounts.

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Mr Maxwell was born in Czechoslovakia into poverty, and only had three years’ primary education.

Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert MaxwellGhislaine Maxwell and her father Robert Maxwell (Image: Getty)

Ghislaine is awaiting trial on charges relating to her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey EpsteinGhislaine is awaiting trial on charges relating to her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein (Image: Getty)

He was just 15 when he travelled to Budapest without his family, as Nazi Germany began its occupation of Czechoslovakia — most of his relatives died in the Holocaust.

In 1940, he arrived in the UK and later claimed he picked up the language within “six to eight weeks”.

His birth name was Abraham Hoch, but his family also registered a Czech name for him, Jan Ludwig, according to investigative journalist Tara Palmeri.

She explained: “From a young age, Maxwell had big ambitions and he was already thinking of reinventions.

“When he was about 20 years old, he gave himself another new name.

“While smoking a pack of cigarettes, he noticed they were called ‘Demoria’.

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Robert Maxwell aspired to become UK Prime MinisterRobert Maxwell aspired to become UK Prime Minister (Image: Getty)

“He liked the sound of it, and he became Leslie Demoria.

“Later, he adopted the more British-sounding Leslie Jones, before settling on Ian Robert Maxwell.

“He said it sounded like ‘a good Scottish name’."

The journalist remarked: “This chapter in his life sounds unbelievable."

Yet, former editor of the Mirror and biographer, Roy Greenslade, explained that he believed the turbulent story of Mr Maxwell’s past is true.

He said: “I’ve spoken at length to

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