Gogglebox's Jenny quizzed by Lee over personal news as star quits smoking ...

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Gogglebox cast favourite Jenny Newby delighted fans as she shared some personal news during a recent episode of the Channel 4 show. The former pub landlady was sat with her friend Lee Riley in their caravan discussing updates from the week's latest television shows.

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Jenny revealed she had received a certificate after successfully giving up smoking.

The Channel 4 star revealed that she no longer coughs and has been feeling better.

Lee quizzed: "What have you got?"

He then realised it was a certificate, as he read aloud: "Jennifer Newby has successfully quit smoking."

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Gogglebox's Jenny quizzed by co-star Lee over personal newsGogglebox's Jenny quizzed by co-star Lee over personal news (Image: CHANNEL 4)

Gogglebox favourite Jenny Newby revealed she quit smokingGogglebox favourite Jenny Newby revealed she quit smoking (Image: CHANNEL 4)

Jenny replied: "I must admit I haven't missed it. The actual smoking because I was getting to a stage where I wasn't right and I wasn't well.

"I was coughing all of the time and now I don't cough."

She chuckled: "So not only does it save me [money] on cigarettes it saves me on Tena Lady because I'm not coughing so much."

Fans flocked to social media and congratulated the reality star on her achievement.

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