James Martin snaps at guest chef as he warns them 'move on' after clash

James Martin and guest chef comically clash on Saturday Morning

James Martin regularly welcomes fellow chefs onto his ITV Saturday Morning show as they showcase some of their favourite dishes. For the latest instalment, Paul Ainsworth was in James’ outdoor kitchen to whip up a delicious meal, however they almost didn’t get to taste the final dish as they clashed with one another.

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“You’re not wearing socks, what is the no socks scenario? I don’t get that,” James noted as he watched Paul cook.

Paul replied: “A hot oven. I’ve got to limit what I’m [wearing]. I’m got long trousers and a top on.”

“You have a new pair of trainers on every time I see you,” James continued.

Paulsnapped: “You know what, you can’t talk. I was watching you on telly the other day.”

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James Martin Paul Ainsworth'You can't talk!' James Martin snaps at guest chef as he warns them 'move on' after clash (Image: ITV)

Paul AinsworthJames Martin clashed with Paul over his style and trainers (Image: ITV)

“I never wear trainers! When have you seen me wear trainers?” James asked.

“I stopped wearing trainers when I left school. Men of our age shouldn’t wear trainers.”

But the chef ignored James and continued: “I was watching you the other day and you were cooking and you went, ‘I’ll save that for supper.’

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