'I apologise - that was mean' Naga Munchetty puts expert on the spot in awkward ...

BBC Breakfast: Naga Munchetty apologises for 'mean' question

In a discussion about the benefits of allowing grass to grow before getting the lawn mower out in order to help bees and wildlife, Doctor Trevor Dines chatted to BBC Breakfast presenters Naga and Charlie Stayt to advise viewers on changing their gardening habits. But one question from Naga left him stumped as to how to respond, causing the BBC host to apologise.

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Speaking from Treborth Botanic Garden in Bangor, Trevor explained that some lawns there are left to grow while others are maintained more strictly.

He said: "This is an initiative by plant life called No Mow May, so we're encouraging gardeners to put away their mowers for the month of May - put them to bed, leave them in the shed and just let the flowers grow on your lawns.

"Packed full of daisies and dandelions now and then at the end of the month, we ask people to put down a square-metre quadrat - high-tech science here, I've got a broom handle and a walking stick and some canes, mark out a one-metre square, count out the number of dandelions, daisies, buttercups, whatever you've got in there, send those results into the Plant Life website, we instantly tell you your personal nectar score.

"How many bees those flowers in your lawn can feed."

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Trevor Dines and Naga MunchettyBBC Breakfast: Naga Munchetty puts expert on the spot (Image: BBC)

Charlie Stayt and Naga MunchettyBBC Breakfast: Naga puts expert on the spot with question (Image: BBC)

"So, you're not saying 'Don't ever mow your lawn', are you?" Naga elaborated.

"That's right," Trevor replied. "That's the surprising thing with our survey is that we thought completely unmown grass would be the best thing for pollen and nectar but it turns out that with this mowing once a month you get very short plants like white clover - white clover is just fabulous as a nectar producer for insects.

"They duck down beneath the blades of the lawn mower so when you come over and cut off their flowers, they just go, 'Oh, I've got no flowers, I'm

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