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Glass doors and screens are becoming more and more popular as people opt for shower cubicles rather than a shower in their bath. With the latter, a curtain is usually used to stop water from splashing on the floor. Curtains only need a few minutes in the washing machine, but shower glass and plastic screens can be a little trickier to clean.

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Shower glass doors and screens can become dirty due to water and soap residue splashing onto them and not being immediately wiped off.

If left alone for a while, doors and screens can become dirty and streaky, with stains becoming more difficult to wash off as time goes by.

Therefore, it is worth cleaning your shower doors regularly.

Luckily, bathroom experts at have shared a few tips on how to clean your shower glass doors or screens with household products, including baking soda.

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CleaningClean your shower door or screen with baking soda or vinegar (Image: GETTY )

Experts at Drench warned that bathrooms tend to encounter and keep the most moisture of all the rooms in the home, and so to prevent any issues that can occur because of this, it is worth investing in an extractor fan or keeping your windows open for most of the day.

Excess moisture can lead to issues with bacteria, mould, and mildew on and around your shower glass, which can result in various lung diseases if not removed.

But not to worry, as Drench explained that cleaning your shower doors can be done effectively using multiple household products.

The only items you need to get your door or screen

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