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Dr Hilary discusses the risks for older drivers

Nick Freeman suggested a testing time frame of at least once every two years for older motorists but acknowledged there could be some pushback from reluctant pensioners. The owner of Freeman and Co. legal practice in Manchester warned elderly drivers that their independence is not "worth more than someone’s life".

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Speaking to the legal expert warned people approaching their 70th birthday to not fool themselves when it comes to assessing their abilities in the driver's seat.

He said: “Once you get to the age of 70 you should have your reaction time and vision tested every two years as a minimum.

"I think there should be at least every two years a face to face, physical examination where reaction times and vision are actually tested.

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drivers over 70POLL: Do you think drivers over 70 should have to undergo tests? Vote below (Image: GETTY)

drivers uk motor rulesNick Freeman said older drivers should be tested at least every two years (Image: GETTY)

“I know it sounds harsh and I do appreciate that when we get to a certain age we want to continue with our independence and our freedom.

“But we have got to prioritise road safety, we can't say your independence is worth more than someone’s life.”

Dubbed "Mr Loophole", he made a name for himself by helping drivers avoid motoring convictions and counts David Beckham and Jeremy Clarkson among his celebrity clients.

He said testing should be carried out more frequently on older drivers who

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