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Costa Coffee is one of the nation’s favourite coffee shops, offering a range of drinks, sandwiches and cakes. Today is Bank Holiday Monday, so for those looking for their coffee fix, is Costa open today?

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Is Costa open today?

Costa Coffee is indeed open today, and Brits can head to meet friends or family - socially distanced - and sit outside to enjoy a beverage and sweet treat.

You can double-check what time your local store is open by heading to the Costa store finder here and popping your postcode into the search bar.

Most stores should be open until around 5pm BST today, however, closing times may vary.

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Costa bank holiday opening hoursCosta bank holiday opening hours: Is Costa open today? (Image: GETTY)

Costa has recently released a range of Toffee Spice flavoured drinks, which can be enjoyed whichever way you choose.

From Toffee Spiced Latte to Toffee Spice Cold Brew, Costa's iconic coffee can be enjoyed with a spice-twist.

Costa describes the Toffee Spice flavour as: "A hint of spice, delicious toffee and a touch of smoke, topped with cinnamon dusting and caramel vermicelli."

On their website, Costa has outlined how they are adhering to the Government guidelines when it comes to serving customers.

Costa bank holiday opening hours: Costa coffee cupCosta bank holiday opening hours: Costa Coffee is indeed open today (Image: GETTY)

Costa bank holiday opening hours: People outside coffee shopCosta bank holiday opening hours: Brits can head to meet friends or family - socially distanced - and sit outside coffee shops (Image: GETTY)

If you want to sit outside of a Costa, bear in mind they will “be operating on a first-come, first-served basis, and some stores may have limited seating available to help everyone follow social distancing guidelines.”

Anyone sitting down at a Costa Coffee outdoor seating area will need to “provide their contact details in support of NHS contact tracing

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