Line of Duty fans think Nigel Morton should have been H #LineOfDuty

Line of Duty: Nigel Boyle refuses to comment on new series

Line of Duty season six came to an epic conclusion in last night’s episode, however, some fans were left disappointed. H was revealed as DS Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle) and unimpressed fans criticised the ending and took to Twitter to suggest who they thought should have been the fourth man.

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Overwhelmingly, fans think DC Nigel Morton, played by Neil Morrissey, should have been unmasked as H. Morton was in the first three series and fans were convinced they spotted him at the end of season six episode two when a mysterious bearded man was seen leaving a burner phone for DCI Jo Davidson.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “There are so many reasons why Morton as H worked. It was the ending I had dreamed of because it could have had all the twists and drama we all wanted.”

Another added: “Pretty sure he would have easily been able to maintain contacts using people like Gill, Hilton, Buckels etc to do the work inside, given his close connections to Dot (I also think he still has Dot's phone). I think Morton as H worked, in fact it was my running theory.”

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Line of Duty Nigel MortonFans think Nigel Morton should have been H. (Image: BBC)

A third said: “Morton kept Dot's phone, he sold info to journalists...this ain't over.”

A fourth replied: “I have been waiting for his return as only logical solution - devastated.”

Nigel Morton is a former Detective Constable in Central Police and retired in series three. He was also a close friend of corrupt officer Tony Gates (Lennie James).

A major plot point of series three saw Morton’s strained

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