Both Harry and William enrolled at Eton, and according to a former peer shared ...

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Both the Duke of Sussex and Duke of Cambridge were enrolled at Eton: William in 1995 and Harry starting in 1998. Contemporaries shared their experiences, including how they were simply referred to as ‘Wales’.

Former classmate Jim graduated from Eton in 2004, a year after Harry.

He said neither brother was treated differently from their classmates.

Jim told The Cut magazine: “The attitude towards them was very matter of fact.

“The only thing that would really give it away is everyone gets a school calendar and list of all the boys in school, called Fixtures, and it’s this 300-page green booklet that tells you who all the boys are.

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“If you were a lord you’d have a Mister before your name. The princes were HRH.

“It was funny though because no one gave a s***.

“I think both William and Harry were just called ‘Wales,’ literally that was what everyone else called them.”

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The Prince and Princess of Wales with their sons Princes William (centre, right) and Harry with House Master Dr Andrew Gailey (back, centre), on William's first day at Eton School SEPT 7 1995Prince Harry news: Both Harry and William shared the same nickname at Eton (Image: PA)

Prince Harry, the younger son of the Prince of Wales, who finishes his studies at Eton College later this month, wears School Dress, which consists of black tailcoat and waistcoat and pin-striped trouser: the former date from around 1850 and the latter from 1900. he has 'stick-ups' (ie wing collars and bow tie) because he is House Captain of Games. May 12, 2003Prince Harry news: Former classmate Jim said everyone called the brothers ‘Wales’ (Image: PA)

Another classmate shared how there was a “big effort” made to make Harry like “a normal person”.

The peer, named Alexander, told the outlet: “Obviously he was from the Royal Family, but I think the school and all the people there wanted to make him feel included.

“He had normal friends; he used to go to people’s birthday parties.

“He used to go out with people in London and go to clubs.

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