The core of a Chinese rocket launched last week is poised to bombard the planet

China launches medium-lift Long March-7A carrier rocket

The Chinese Long March 5B - China's biggest and most powerful rocket - will make an uncontrolled reentry into the Earth's atmosphere after launching into space last week. The rocket blasted off from the Wenchang spaceport on April 29, carrying a 22-ton module of the Tianhe space station. The rocket's 100ft-long core is now expected to tumble back towards our planet "over the next days or weeks".

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If the rocket debris is dragged down by the planet's atmosphere, a SpaceNews report warns it will be one of the biggest "instances of uncontrolled reentry of a spacecraft" in recent history.

Fears are growing the Chinese rocket could crash into an inhabited area.

A similar incident occurred last year when a Long March 4B booster rocket came crashing into China's Shaanxi province.

The rocket debris was reported to have narrowly missed a school after putting an Earth observation satellite into orbit.

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China rocket crash: Long March 5B rocket launchChina rocket crash: The core of the Long March 5B is expected to crash into Earth (Image: GETTY)

China rocket crash: The core of Tianhe space stationChina rocket crash: The core of the Tianhe space station is now in Earth orbit (Image: GETTY)

The Long March 5B debris is presently orbiting our planet at thousands of miles per hour.

But the combined effects of Earth's gravity and atmosphere will gradually drag the debris downwards.

There are concerns the rocket could bombard a populated area as it is passing over the US, Europe, China and New Zealand.

SpaceNews said: "The high speed of the rocket body means it orbits the Earth roughly every 90 minutes and so a change of just a few

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