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The Pursuit of Love: Lily James stars in BBC trailer

The Pursuit of Love is an upcoming romance drama series that is due to air on BBC One on May 9. The series stars Lily James as Linda Radlett, whose personal life is explored in great detail. has all you need to know about where the series is filmed and set. 

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Where is The Pursuit of Love set? 

The miniseries is a small screen adaptation of the 1945 Nancy Mitford novel of the same name. 

The original book forms part of a trilogy, which follows the lives of an upper-class family after the First World War. 

Although the book tells the story of Linda Radlett, it is narrated by her cousin -  Fanny Logan (Emily Beecham), who is also Linda's best friend. 

Viewers will learn of the complications in Linda's many relationships as she attempts to navigate romance. 

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She goes through various partners, realising the terrible mistakes she has made along the way. 

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The Pursuit of Love: Linda and FannyThe Pursuit of Love: Linda and Fanny are best friends (Image: BBC)

The Pursuit of Love: Cousins Fanny and LindaThe Pursuit of Love: The series is based on a novel (Image: BBC)

Actress James revealed more about what fans can expect from the TV adaptation of this tragic novel. 

She said: "It's a beautiful story about family, friendship and about pursuing love whatever form that takes for each person.

"It’s a wonderful celebration of the Mitford sisters. Nancy wrote this book about her life, her sisters and how they grew up. I think it’s fascinating and they were brilliant.

"It’s funny, clever but at the core of it there’s a question of what really makes us happy. It is love? It’s bonkers, brilliant and beautiful."

James said she fell in love with Linda's personality when she read the book. 

The Pursuit of Love: FannyThe Pursuit of Love: The story is told through Fanny's eyes (Image: BBC)

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