China will not take blame of 'uncontrollable' 21-ton rocket junk barrelling ...

China rocket: Expert discusses rocket booster 'heading for Earth'

Sky News Australia host Ashleigh Gillon discussed the space junk crashing to Earth from China's Long March 5 rocket. She spoke to astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker, who explained the complexity of the situation and the difficulty of predicting where it will land on Earth. He added that it is unlikely Xi Jinping will take responsibility if it lands in another country and the nation it lands in will have the responsibility of cleaning up the debris.

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Ms Gillon said: "A Chinese rocket core is falling to Earth.

"Experts are unsure about where and when it will land.

"The object is a 21-ton leftover from China's Long March 5 rocket, which carried a piece of its new TN space station into last month.

"Reports are suggesting this space junk is out of control and heading for Earth, should we be worried Brad Tucker?"

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China rocket March 5 long debrisChina rocket: 21 ton space junk falling to earth uncontrollably and China won't take blame (Image: Sky News Aus)

China rocket news space junk debris XI jinping uncontrolled Long March 5 vnChina's rocket debris is currently crashing towards Earth uncontrollably and the communist nation is unlikely to take responsibility if it crashes in another country. (Image: GETTY)

Mr Tucker explained the difficulty of predicting where the space debris would land and when.

He also discussed the responsibility of China for the rocket once it lands.

He said: "Uncontrollable and heading for Earth are obviously not words you want to

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