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Holiday WARNING: Mediterranean Sea invaded by THESE menacing sea creatures

The number of jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea has reached record levels, with 10 times the amount there were just six years ago. 

Swarms of the sea creatures have been reported on the northern coast of Egypt. 

The problem is forcing tourists on popular beachside resorts to stay out of the water.

Also called rhopilema nomadica, the nomad jellyfish usually live in the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. 

But speculation is rife the nomads have swum through the Suez Canal, which was expanded most recently in 2015. 

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jellyfish holiday warning Mediterranean SeaGETTYJellyfish have invaded the waters of the Mediterranean Sea forcing tourists out of the water

The primary cause of the invasion of jellyfish is the Suez Canal

Jason Hall-Spencer

Jason Hall-Spencer, a marine biologist at Britain's Plymouth University, said: “The primary cause of the invasion of jellyfish is the Suez Canal.

“Other ecosystem stressors have allowed them to thrive and become a plague.”

The artificial waterway was initially built in 1859 and connects the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.

It lies in Egypt’s northeast, but officials in the country don’t believe the canal is to blame. 

Environment Minister advisory Mostafa Fouda said it’s “not the first time” the jellyfish have overwhelmed Egypt's north coast.

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