Muslim biker gang set up to 'protect against the growing hatred of Islam' on ...

GermanyFACEBOOK • GETTYThe biker gang aim to protect against the growing hatred of Islam

Modelled on Hells Angels the gang which calls itself “Germanys Muslims”, is based in Mönchengladbach and now has chapters in Münster and Stuttgart.

It was founded by Marcel Kunst, who converted to Islam 14 years ago and also uses the name Mahmud Salam.

A mission statement dated June 15, said: “Our organisation has been founded for only one purpose: To protect and support our brothers and sisters from the ever-growing hatred of Islam!

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“We respect every religion and, as dictated by the Koran, do not force our faith on anyone… Whoever gets into a fight on the road or elsewhere (except for self–defence) will be expelled from our group without further discussion.”

The gang's uniform consists of a black leather jacket with a logo depicting a one-fingered salute, the "Finger of Tawheed," which represents a belief in the oneness of Allah.

Isabella Hannen, a spokeswoman for the Mönchengladbach police, said: “So far, we have no evidence that they are a danger, but we are watching the organisation

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