PLAGUE WARNING: Black Death set to grip Madagascar for another SIX MONTHS


The Black Death outbreak has already claimed the lives of 128 people and infected more than 1,300 others as it threatens to spread to neighbouring countries, including Tanzania and Mozambique.

While the number of people infected appear to be gradually dropping following work by health organisations, one expert has warned the number of those suffering from plague could soar as we continue through “epidemic season”.

Tarik Jašarević of the World Health Organisation told The Sun: "We cannot say with certainty that the epidemic has subsided.

"We are about three months into the epidemic season, which goes on until April 2018.

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plague black death madagascarEXPRESS•GETTYThe plague that is sweeping across Madagascar could last for another six months, experts claim

"Even if the recent declining trend is confirmed, we cannot rule out the possibility of further spikes in transmission between now and April 2018.

"The proportion of pneumonic plague – the form which can be transmitted from person to person – is much higher than in the past."

Madagascar’s rainy season officially started today and is set to last until the end of April 2018.

The pneumonic plague that is gripping the African island is passed from human to human and can be spread through a cough or a sneeze.

Plague outbreak, latest photos

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