Was Bin Laden plotting Royal Family attack? Al-Qaeda boss had images of Queen ...


Prince Harry, the Queen and Osama Bin LadenCIA/GETTYOsama Bin Laden had pictures of the Royal Family saved on his computer

New files released by the CIA show the Al-Qaeda leader had pictures of the Queen, Prince Harry and Prince Charles on his computer before he was killed in a US raid in 2011. 

The images are part of a massive cache of 470,000 files recovered during the deadly assault on his hideout in Pakistan.

Data released by the intelligence agency today includes Bin Laden’s personal journal, jihadist propaganda - including sick beheading videos - and practice reels for his public speeches. 

His files also included pornography, cartoons and a series of documentaries about the terrorist leader - including 'CNN Presents: World’s most wanted' and 'Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden'.

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The low resolution pictures of the Royal Family include an image of a crowned Queen Elizabeth sat on a throne and one of a young Prince Harry wearing a military helmet.

A picture of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles attending an official event is also among the files.

The cache includes more than 18,000 document files and 79,000 audio and images which were recovered by elite Navy SEALs.

Among the 10,000 video files

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