Martin Lewis Black Friday UK deals: Use THIS trick to save even MORE money in ...


martin lewis black friday uk 2017 dealsITV/Getty ImagesMartin Lewis Black Friday UK 2017: The Money Saving Expert explained how to save more money in sales

Martin Lewis, 45, appeared on This Morning to give his advice on how to save a fortune when shopping in the Black Friday sales across the UK.

Discussing the ways stores offer discounts, he said: "Deals come in two types – specific product promotions, which I’d avoid as they’re just a way to get you to buy things you probably wouldn’t do anyway – and cross store discounts and codes.

"These are the ones to watch for as it means if you have something specific on your shopping list, this is the key point pre-Christmas to buy it – so right now is the time to watch for that."

Martin urged viewers not to "get sucked into the hype", but if they were going to be buying, he had a host of tips to boost the discounts.

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When shopping online, sign into your store account, and add items to your online shopping basket, then abandon it

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert

No code available - abandon your online basket to try and score a discount

"When shopping online, sign into your store account (otherwise they won’t know who you are), and add items to your online shopping basket, then abandon it.

"Close the window and walk away from your computer. You may find that companies will often send you codes to tempt you back and finish your order.  I’ve heard of people getting codes for Asos, Currys, New Look, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose."

Try a shop bot for big ticket items

"If you’re buying something large while online is often cheap, there can still be big price variance in different stores. So try shopping price comparison sites like 123PriceCheck, PriceRunner and Dealpond.

"For example with the Sony Bravia smart TV (model number KDL32RE453BU) price difference in stores ranges from £249 in PC World to £310 in Tesco Direct."

martin lewis black friday uk 2017 dealsGetty ImagesMartin Lewis Black Friday UK 2017: Martin explained how to haggle online

ISA advice from Martin LewisThu, February 9, 2017 ISA advice from Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis.
ISA advice from Martin Lewis

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ISA advice from Martin Lewis

Know your free delivery thresholds

"To get free delivery with many online retailers your order needs to be a certain amount. Yet sometimes you can play this. For example, you need to spend minimum £20 with Amazon to get free delivery, otherwise it can cost up to £4.75.

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