UK weather: 'Grotty' start to the day followed by torrential downpours ...


UK weatherGETTYA miserable start in the south on Tuesday will be compounded by torrential downpours

Deceptive spells of sunshine will be intermittent as rain dominates for the majority of the day.

The Met Office said: “The south is going to be pretty grotty first thing, a lot of low cloud and mistiness.

“It does generally brighten up through the morning, especially for central and eastern England.

“Elsewhere though, heavy and prolonged rain to start the day in central and southern Scotland moves northwards gradually, it will push in further wet weather to western areas by the end of Tuesday afternoon on an increasingly strong wind.

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“Nevertheless that wind is from the south-west so it’s a mild wind; 13, 14 perhaps even 15 Celsius for parts of England and Wales on Tuesday afternoon.

“The rain though running into cold air, it’s going to be a miserable day in the far north with rainfall amounts totting up and a strong wind accompanying that rain as well.”

The rain will persist through Tuesday evening until Wednesday as a new weather front races towards Britain.

The Met Office added: “Now through Tuesday evening the wet weather does peter out for a time in the far north but will pull in further outbreaks of rain into north and western Britain as the night goes on.

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A horse in a frost covered field as the sun rises in Swillington, West Yorkshire


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A horse in a frost covered field as the sun rises in Swillington, West Yorkshire

“The best chance of any prolonged dry weather is really across the Midlands and east of England.

“Some breaks but again it’s another generally dull start to Wednesday although it will be mild again in most places.

“Now Wednesday itself will see a weather front move through

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