Britons welcome 2018 with more POSITIVITY about jobs and house prices after ...

UK politicsGETTYBritons are optimistic about the future despite a turbulent year

Despite a year of intense political change, including the triggering of Article 50, Theresa May losing a majority after a snap General Election and the resignation of three Cabinet Ministers in quick succession, Britons are maintaining their stiff upper lip.

Theresa May reflected the national mood yesterday in her New Year speech saying 2017 had brought “challenges”, but added: “That is true for each of us personally, as much as for our country and the world.”

She continued: "Britain will make good progress towards a successful Brexit deal.

“I believe 2018 can be a year of renewed confidence and pride in our country.”

According to the annual YouGov “state of the nation” poll, more than half of the population think their financial situation will stay the same or improve in 2018.

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Most Britons also believe they can weather a second interest rise after the first increase for a decade to 0.5 per cent last November.

The proportion of voters who think their job will be secure in 2018 rose from 38 per cent a year ago to 41 per cent.

Whereas the proportion who thought their job would not be secure fell from 14 per cent to 12 per cent.

Some 41 per cent think house prices will go up and 14 per cent think they will go down - which is broadly unchanged from a year ago.

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