Quadrantids 2018: How to watch Quadrantid meteor shower TONIGHT

While normally one of the year’s most spectacular shows, the Quadrantids won’t be at their best in 2018 following the Full Wolf Supermoon’s illumination of the sky this week. 

The Royal Observatory of Greenwich said: “The Quadrantid meteor shower is among the most active meteor showers, and has been known to produce around 50-100 meteors per hour on a clear night. 

“Unfortunately, the first major shower of 2018 will peak close to a full moon, which may obscure the shower.”

A January skywatching guide released by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope Mission Team says the 2018 Quadrantids should produce up to 40 meteors per hour.

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The celestial display is expected to peak between 9pm and 10pm GMT and only lasts a few hours in total. 

This means you only have a short window to view these spectacular meteors so make sure you follow these points to maximise your chances.

How to watch the Quadrantid meteor shower

Luckily, the Quadrantids favour the Northern Hemisphere as the shower’s radiant point is located far north across the sky’s dome.

Skywatcher and meteors crossing the skyGETTY - STOCK IMAGESThe Quadrantids should peak between 9pm and 10pm GMT tonight

The meteors will radiate from the

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